Grand Rounds

The passions, achievements, and lives of our classmates are inspirational and rich with lessons. Founders Daniel Nelson, Erika Rekoumis, and Eric Ross recognized this and created Medical Student Grand Rounds – a monthly speaker series for our peers to share their experiences and develop excellent public speaking skills. 

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Watch Past Grand Rounds Presentations (must be affiliated with University of Michigan)

Previous Speakers and Topics:

Patrick Commiskey, M4 – “Communication, partnerships, and service-orientation: How to build websites, make stuff popular, and have fun doing it” (June 2017)

Matthew Carey, M1 – “Running For Your Life in Medical School” (April 2017)

Rana Kabeer, M3 – “The Opioid Epidemic in Michigan: There’s No Place Like Home” )(April 2017)

Joshua Kurtz, M1 – “So You Want to Pass Your [Neuro/Shelf/Board]Exam? Using Evidence-Based Practices to Optimize Studying and Retention” (March 2017)

Jonathan Melendez, M1 – “Puerto Rico: Healthcare in the Context of a US Territory” (February 2017)

Balaji Pandian, M2 – “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine” (December 2016)

LaVana Greene, M1 – “Historical Medical Mistreatment: Enduring Mistrust in Minority Populations” (November 2016)

Meghna Shah, M4 – “Adding Value: Lessons from the Navajo Nation Indian Health Service” (April 2016)

Alissa Wall, M1 – “The Passion of the Pipette: Balancing the Power of Scientific Research with the Realities of its Execution” (March 2016)

Elliott Brannon, M1 – “Public Health Effectiveness: Examples from Dengue and STD Prevention” (March 2016)

Vicky Koski-Karell, M2 – “Flint and Haiti: A Tale of Two Rivers, A Tale of Two Crimes” (February 2016)

Robert Cesaro, M1 – “Inside the Head of Venture Capitalist: Helping Drive University of Michigan Medical School’s Innovators and Entrepreneurs” (January 2016)

Jeremy Balch, M2 – “Drug Money: Me, China, and the Physician-Industry Relationship” (December 2015)

Megan Lane, M2 – “In a Pickle: A Journey Into the History of Anatomy” (December 2015)

Jeff Nadel, M2 – “Dissecting the Triple Aim in Healthcare: Where We Are and Where We’re Going” (November 2015)

Lynze Franko, M1 – “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Other Lessons from an RN-Medical Student” (November 2015)

Elizabeth Perelstein, M4 – “Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, and What You Might Want to Know” (October 2015)

Conor Lucas-Roberts, M1 – “Logistics” (October 2015)

Kate Meixner, Kemi Omotoso, Bamidele Otemuyiwa, Joshua Smith, M2s – “Sit, Crawl, Walk, Talk: Lessons for Medicine from the Trenches of Parenthood” (September 2015)

Max Griffith, M2 – “Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is: Valuing Teaching, Research &a Patient Care” (September 2015)

Henry Lather, M2 – “Designing a 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm: The Intersection Between Science and the Media” (August 2015)

Jasmyne Jackson, M1 – “The Pedagogy of Small Victories” (May 2015)

Brian Yagi, M1 – “Rising Drug Prices and the Cost of Innovation” (April 2015)

Stephan Diljak, M1 – “Diabetes, and Other Embarrassing Stories” (March 2015)